ELF Newsletter

The ELF newsletter is out and looks sharp. No fewer than 11 grants were made in 2006, benefitting projects for 12 languages and language groups: Arapaso (arj), Ghulfan (ghl), Kalabari (ijn), Karinya/Carib (car), Karapana (link to lineage), Kundal Shahi language (link to lineage), the signed Meemul Tziij complex (no Ethnologue entry), Pasi (listed as adi), Quichua/Ecuadorian (qvo), Southern Tiwa (tix), Tutudin (perhaps equivalent to tuu Tututni), Yakima Sahaptin (yak).

These languages represent a wide range of human culture over four continents. Projects include a children’s dictionary, dialect clarification, a language camp, and historical clarification of possibly the oldest documentable sign languages in the world.

Among the news is that ELF newsletter editor Nick Emlen is running a marathon to benefit the ELF, tomorrow, in Portland.

Get involved! In addition to joining the ELF, attend a lecture by Noam Chomsky on November 15, 2006, regarding language diversification to benefit the ELF. In addition to the lecture, there will be a separate reception.

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