I’m taking a few days off from writing posts to take a look at Kirrkirr, a really interesting dictionary program from Christopher Manning.

I’m trying a couple of configurations. One thing I found: To get the sample Japanese file to work correctly (on my PC), I had to change the regional setting to Japan. CM has also suggested an updated version of Java will do the trick but I still need to play with that to see how it works exactly.

Does anyone have any experience using Kirrkirr?

2 Responses to “Kirrkirr”

  1. Claire Says:

    One of my students made a Bardi version of Kirrkirr as a test for a class last year. She was converting my existing Toolbox dictionary. We didn’t have any need to test localisations though. I was pretty pleased with the result and I hope we’ll have time to clean up the file and make it available to the Bardi community/school before too long.

  2. tulugaq Says:

    Yeah, I need to get that finished! I’m adding the images to the entries, but I’m learning XML as I go, pretty much. Still trying to figure out a few advanced features. Still, I was surprised that an XML novice like myself could get a working mini dictionary in a very short time.

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