IE and Office

Microsoft has released a beta (test) version of its next update to its browser, Internet Explorer, in conjunction with the upcoming release of Vista, the next Windows version. The current version of IE is 6; the beta is IE 7 and is now in its third release. Although it is better at displaying Unicode than version 6, it still cannot correctly display all the blog entries in Living Languages in June 2006. (Click here to download.)

I have submitted an error report, so hopefully Microsoft will add complete Unicode compatibility.

Microsoft is also in the process of updating its suite of office products, Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In preparation for retail sales probably at the beginning of 2007, it has released a beta version. Like IE, Office 2007 beta is better at handling Unicode, but there are still bugs. Outlook, for example, does not display some characters correctly, and Word still has trouble with find and replace commands involving some Unicode characters. I heard a rumor today that an update has been internally released and should be available to the public in the next month or so.


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  1. Internet Explorer Update « Living Languages Says:

    […] Microsoft has officially released the 7.0 version of Internet Explorer. As reported earlier on this blog, the beta version did not fully implement Unicode, so that some characters used in languages such as dxʷlešúcid (Lushootseed) are not displayed correctly. Although I reported this to Microsoft, the problem has not been addressed. (I have reported the problem again.) It appears to be a fault of the font that Explorer uses, so it’s possible that a work-around might be available. […]

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